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July 18: One month in and we have started to clear the site, secure boundaries and begin the task of gaining all necessary permissions to carry out the work required to make this place a world class fishery.

August Update

We have continued to clear the area around the east bank of the main lake which will be a syndicate.

The first large swims are being built and should be ready soon. 

Planning permission is being sought for the facilities, access and parking for the rest of the lakes which include both the day fishing lakes. 

Work on the day fishing Lakes should commence soon.  

We will be able to begin adding members to a syndicate as and when swims are built and capacity is available. Details on this will follow shortly.

September Update


Pre application has come back with a positive tone, however it has indicated quite a few areas which require a lot more detail. With the best intent this is going to take a few weeks to sort out. Then there should be a 6 week deliberation, then the result! Then the work on the road, parking and facilities can start. 

We have continued with the building of the first few swims on the Main Lake, which are looking very good.

We will be looking at starting a small syndicate on the main lake. We have had many inquiries about what we are planning. It's been difficult to have definite answers to all the questions however as things progress we can slowly start sorting these things out. Please bear with us.

The vision is still the same, a world class fishery.  

Autumn Update 

Full Application for the road and car park is now with the Rushcliffe Planning Department with a decision expected end of December or first week of January. Following this application will be one for the cafe and bait shop. 

Work has continued to get this venue ready for next spring. A small syndicate will be started in the next few months. Snags around the existing swims have made it difficult to begin a membership however we have a plan to sort these out in the next few weeks.