- All anglers to report to bailiff upon arrival. 

- Anglers fish at their own risk.  The owners do not accept liability for any injury to anglers/guests, or theft/damage to anglers' property. 

- We welcome responsible anglers, who possess respect, consideration and care towards the fish. It is for this reason that we request that any alcohol consumption, is in moderation, when fishing.


- Nets / slings etc. are to be sprayed / dipped upon arrival.


- Under 16 year olds must be accompanied by an adult.


- No visitors unless permission has been granted by the bailiff.


- No sacks, floating retainers only, and then only for short periods.


- No fixed lead rigs. Safety lead clips etc. to be used with leads to drop with minimum force.


- A maximum of three fishing rods per person, per swim/peg, is permitted.


- Fishing set-ups are from swim/peg only.  Stalking is permitted.


- Rods must not be left unattended. Kindly be aware that the use of a sounder box (other than on the platform), is not an option, to bypass this rule.


- The use of a bait boat is allowed as long as it is used sensibly.


- Large unhooking mats or cradles must be used to unhook and handle / photograph fish.


- Carp care kit or similar, is to be used on hook holds and any wounds present on the fish. This is available to buy from The Cabin.


- Any sick / injured fish are to be reported to the bailiff.


- Barbless or micro-barb hooks only.


- Only persons who have booked with us are allowed onto the premises.


- No sacking of fish.


- No dogs or pets permitted.


- No swimming / wading in any of the lakes.


- No tents.


- No shock leaders.


- No braided mainline, except for spomb / markers.

- 10mph speed limit on site.


- Only the bailiff is permitted to use the boat to net / free snagged fish.


- Novice anglers must be accompanied by an experienced angler.


- With regard to the health of our fish, we do not allow the use of particle bait.


Random rig checks! Please do not be offended if you are asked to display your rigs. FISH WELFARE IS OF THE UPMOST PRIORITY!



The rules are in place as to ensure an enjoyable and safe fishing experience for all; whilst safe-guarding the welfare and health of the fish.  We wish that you thoroughly enjoy your fishing experience, but we will not accept any anti social behavior, or excessive use of alcohol.  Any person/s presenting such behavior will be asked to leave the premises, with no refund being made. We reserve the right to remove any person / angler, without any prior notice.



We thank you for your kind co-operation.